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This post is being created by Window Live Writer.  I was just about to check out a tool called BlogJet when I came across a news article discussing the beta of Windows Live Writer.  I have not compaired the two as of yet but Windows Live Writer hooked right up to my WordPress blog site and seems to be very easy to use.  More to come as I get into more features.

Invasion cancelled?

I have been a faithful viewer of ABCs Invasion. After watching the season finale I was left a little disapppinted. But now I am hearing that the show will not be back next season.

You would think that if they were going to cancel the show that they could have rode off with a huge “War of the Worlds” type of ending. Or maybe something like a clone army of Sheriff Tom Underlays fighting off the hybrids and then the final face-off between Zura and Underlay.

Killing off Larkins character as the big season finale cliffhanger…thats just LAME!!!

Life Hacks

So I was listening to a podcast by Scott Hanselman at and the subject was Life Hacks and I had one of those moments that made me stop and think.

A Life Hack is a basically an organizational tip or trick to help bring some order back to your life. Everybody has a cell phone, PDA, blog, instant messenger and 200 junk e-mails to deal with everyday. In between all of that blitz of media we have to do our job, take the kids to soccer practice, and mow the lawn. There doesnt seem to be enough hours in the day (or so I thought).

If you get a chance, go out and pick up the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. I am sure there a more than a couple things that you will be able to use to make you life simpler and help put you back in control.

I have also been listening to Merlins podcast at He provides some interesting perspective on David Allens GTD book as well as his a few of his own thoughts. He usually starts with a very offbeat anecdote but then ties it into a GTP principal that really makes you think. The Hipster PDA is pure genius.

Other resources:

National Cell Phone Directory Launch is launching the first “opt in” national cell phone and VoIP directory online. The CTIA currently has plans to launch its own directory after the first of the year. Because of this, there are three different versions of the Wireless 411 Privacy Act in congress-two in the senate and one in the house. Here are a few ways in how our directory is different and why we support the wireless legislation. 1. Our directory is completely “opt in” 2. No fees for being listed or unlisted. 3. Consumer has control of his or her information-not the wireless carrier. 4. It will be online for anyone to access. 5. Other information such as VoIP numbers and other contact info can be listed.

Sioux Falls, SD (PRWEB) August 5, 2004 — A South Dakota Technology Company announced plans today for the first national, private Cell Phone Directory. Wyty, LLC, a technology firm based in Sioux Falls has found a solution to the growing controversy over cell phone privacy. Cell phone users can be part of a volunteer directory listing cell phone numbers throughout the U.S. The directory will be available for all consumers to access. This service will be accessible via the Internet at no cost to the end user. Wyty has identified the growing need for a cell phone directory and will deliver the directory via an “Opt In” registration to avoid privacy issues with end users who do not want their information published.

Wyty is proud to introduce the first cell phone directory. Wyty as a company is very committed to keeping customer information safe and secure. The customer is in control of what they provide in the directory with Wyty serving as a technology facilitator through our website and database, said Ryan Oines, VP of Technology. “We have placed the option to register with the directory in the customer’s hands. By doing this, as well as supporting the FCC’s “Do Not Call” Registry, we can eliminate the concern of telemarketers calling, but give access to friends, family and potential business contacts.”

Wyty is offering a complete “Opt In” directory that will give the end user control over their personal information. The service will initially be a web-based directory where users log-on and access cell phone numbers via the search criteria. Other forms of contact information will include Voice-over-IP (VoIP) numbers, physical address, website address, and other contact methods. The company also plans to provide directory assistance via other channels later in the year. Wyty will not change its “Opt In” policy and will not charge for end users to access its directory via the Internet.

By giving the end user the choice to register with the cell phone directory has eliminated the concern of having the wireless carrier in control of the end user’s personal information. This core position also removes the issue of fees that might be involved with publishing the information – or in some cases – keeping it private.

Currently this directory is accessible via the Internet but in the future the company will deliver services through other channels such as SMS, WAP, and a live call center.

As the first cell phone directory, Wyty will address the need for a directory to the growing number of individuals who have eliminated the ‘landline’ phone. Currently, there are 166 million (est.) cell phone users in the U.S. This number along with the projected 10 million VoIP users by 2007 has created the need for an alternative directory.

“Our methods of communication are changing at the speed of thought, because of this there is a need for directory assistance to be scalable as well. Wyty has created this method and given the consumer control over their personal information,” added Oines.

About Wyty, LLC
Wyty, LLC is a directory and application services company. provides consumers with a cell phone directory accessible via the Internet. Wyty, LLC also provides channels to develop and distribute wireless applications. Through strategic partnerships Wyty, LLC focuses on providing multiple options for accessing, storing and changing data. Wyty also develops and directs content and delivery across multiple mediums. More information can be found at – Trademark 2004, is registered to Wyty, LLC.

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