Who was in Jacob’s Cabin?

After watching the premier episode for Season 4 of Lost, The Beginning of the End, I was left with a few questions. Not surprising I guess since they have been doing that to me for 3 seasons now.

My biggest question was, “Who was in Jacob’s Cabin”.

The scene in question has Hurley getting lost in the jungle and he stumbles upon Jacob’s cabin. Seeing a light on through a window Hurley thinks, “Hmm…why don’t I go up there and peek in the window?”. Probably not a good choice on his part but if he didn’t how would we know.

As Hurley scans the room through his peep hole into the dimly lit cabin, he sees a picture of a dog hanging on the wall and then almost a silhouette of a person in a rocking chair.

I have been pausing my DVR trying to look for clues and the best I could figure is that it looked like Jack’s dad. I dug around on some fan sites and found this photo which helped me confirm my suspicions. But, this photo contradicts another photo from the episode where John Locke is introduced to Jacob by Ben. In this second photo, Jacob (if that’s who it is) seems to have a colonial style hairdo.

So far I have found nothing to tell me who the other person was that peeked back through the window and scared the crap out of Hurley.

My Lost Obsession

Since the end of Lost Season 3, I have been obesessed with the thoeries I have found on various web sites. The most intriguing and indepth theory I have seen was posted by Andrew Smith’s site. I so hope he will evolve his comic strip that he has created to accompany his theories.

7th Seal Theory Page 1 7th Seal Theory - Page 2 7th Seal Theory Page 3 7th Seal Theory Page 4

Also browsing through YouTube I have run across many videos that key into background information that I have not determined to be true or something made up outside of the show. One of which is the following video linked to www.hansoexposed.com.

After reviewing ABC’s Lost Connections site, I have found some things that I missed while watching the show.

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed finding out that the end of season 3 was not going to be the end of show. I was not sure how it would last for the announced three more seasons. But, after reading a few of these fan sites, I realize that there is so much that I don’t know, so many connections left to be made and questions to be answered that I cannot wait for the next season to start. In the meantime I will continue to obsess over the theories and details that I can glean from the web and be all ready to go for season 4.