Motorola Droid Review

On day four with my Motorola Droid I am for the most part very satisfied. Any shortcomings that I have found with the phone have usually been solved by having a co-worker point me to an app or widget in the ever-growing Android Marketplace.

The only thing I have yet to to discover is a better way to integrate with my company’s Microsoft Exchange Server. I am pretty disappointed with the built-in support. It took more than a few tries to get my calendar to sych with the “Corporate Calendar” app. I am not able to accept meeting invitations. One of my biggest complaints is that I cannot move emails to a folder from my phone which means that if I read it on my phone I have to wait until I am at my desk to process it with my Outlook client. This is very in efficient for GTD or Inbox Zero practitioners.

I have yet to try one of the other Marketplace solutions for Exhange integration so if you have recommendations please drop me a comment.